I suppose an introduction is in order.

My name is Bryan, and I have been involved in technology since the mid 1990’s. Having been around when the first dot com bubble burst, it has been amazing to see the internet and surrounding technologies come into their place in the world – and our lives – as we all knew that they would.

Throughout the years I have had my hands in quite a few different job positions, in various industries, with tech almost always being the foundation. While my primary role has been that of a web developer, I’ve worn more hats than I sometimes like to admit. It’s given me experience and insight that, in my opinion, prepared me for the tech climate of today.

Prior to my last full time gig (which I knew would be coming to an end soon), I had the idea for starting up a company such as this one. One that is able to make use of all the skills and experience I have amassed. I’ve done much more than just web development over the last 20ish years. So it often felt like a waste to only make use of a small percentage of my arsenal.

I love hip-hop, geek culture, documentaries, and many other things. My goal is to build a brand that can dabble in all of those markets and more.