Boondocks Back : FIGHT!

If you haven’t heard yet, The Boondocks is coming back for it’s 5th season. After the 4th season debacle (I still don’t think I’ve fully watched the 4th season…it was wack), I’d eventually come to terms with the fact that the first 3 seasons would be canon, and I’d always have the memories of how much that show spoke to me in ways that few pieces of art ever have.

The rumors of the 5th season had me side-eyeing the potential reboot. But learning that Aaron McGruder will be back in the driver seat put all that to rest.

As much as I love and appreciate the social commentary of the show, the geek in me is really looking forward to one thing above all else – the fight scenes! These were what truly stole my heart when watching The Boondocks, so much so that I’m always pulling them up on YouTube just to get that old feeling back from when it was on Adult Swim. I can’t wait to see Huey Freeman throw down once again!