Nipsey Hussle Was Better Than Most

It really sucks that this had to happen. If you’re from Los Angeles, you knew who he was. Not just for the music, but because of how adamant Nipsey Hussle was about giving back to the community. Not in the broad sense of the word. His specific community. Even if you weren’t into his music (and why not?), you had to respect that. And everyone did. Or so I thought…smh.

Yet, without even checking, I’m 100% sure there are many people that will judge him by his stage persona and label him “thug” and assumed it was written that he’d go down this way. I could list dozens of reasons why that’s a bullshit and ignorant stance to take. But I’m not in the mood.

Instead, some evidence to the contrary. One of my favorite videos where Gary Vaynerchuk and Nipsey Hussle chopped it up. You think he was a “thug”? He was probably a better person than you every day of the week.

RIP, Nipsey


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